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Flying Ninja

March 18, 2010

My current desktop background. Someone made this. I like.


The Raw Artist

March 18, 2010

One of my recent favorites, is Michel Keck , otherwise known as the Raw Artist. She does some very moody but amazing abstract art, pop art, and dog collages. She is a self taught artist, and I think that adds appeal to her art for me. What do you think?

Your Youth

March 16, 2010

Illustration by Jurryt Visser, who seems to mix graphic art with photography. Interesting how it all flows. Check out his site here .

The Kuroshio Sea

March 15, 2010

Video of the world’s second largest aquarium. For some reason it is so relaxing and inspiring to see creatures just do their thing. Sometimes it can seem so aimless, but every motion has its purpose. Shot by Jon Rawlinson with music by Barcelona.